Former Lab Members

Lab Post-docs

Dr. Shane Heschel

Ph.D. Brown University

Associate Professor, Organismal Biology and Ecology, Colorado College

_shane heschel
Dr. Tim Griffith

Ph.D. Indiana Univ.

Associate Professor, Biology Dept, Georgetown College

Dr. Silvia Matesanz

Ph.D. Centre for Environmental Sciences, CSIC

Juan de la Cierva Postdoctoral Researcher, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid



Lab Pre-doctoral Research Associates​

Dr. Staci Markos

Ph.D. U.C. Berkeley

Assistant Director of the University and Jepson Herbarium, University of California at Berkeley

Dr. Amity Wilczek

Ph.D. Harvard University

Herbert Reich Chair in the Natural Sciences, Deep Springs College

_amity wilczek
Dr. Christina Richards

Ph.D. Univ. of Georgia

Assistant Professor, Dept of Integrative Biology, University of South Florida

_c richards
Dr. Kasey Barton

Ph.D. Univ. of Colorado

Assistant Professor, Dept of Botany, University of Hawaii

Dr. Marc Bogonovich

Ph.D. Indiana Univ.

Scientist/entrepreneur (founder of Openwords, an open-source foreign language learning app)

_marc bogonovich
Dr. J. David Van Dyken

Ph.D. Indiana University

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology, University of Miami     



Wesleyan Undergrad and Graduate Students

Jacob Herman, Ph.D. ’16

Dropkin Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept of Ecology and Evolution, University of Chicago

Angela Rowan Converse ’14  
Caleb Corliss BA/MA ’14

Ecology faculty member, The Darrow School, NY

_caleb and zach
Zachary Steinman ’13

Research associate, Yale Univ. School of Medicine

Elizabeth Greenwald ’12 _nora vogel, lizzy greenwald
Nora Vogel ’11

Communications Manager, Northeast Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Sophie Ackoff ’11

Organizer and blogger, National Young Farmers Coalition

_sophie ackoff
Tim Horgan-Kobelski BA/MA ’10

Environmental Law student, Berkeley Law School (winner, 2015 CEB Award for Excellence in Legal Research & Writing)

_Tim horgan-kobel
Sara Rood-Ojalvo ’10

Scientific Affairs analyst, Nutrition 21 Inc.

_sara rood-ojalvo
Emily Rowan ’08

Analyst, Climate Policy Initiative

Lauren M Nichols BA/MA ’08

Research Technician/Lab Manager, writer, and photographer, Dunn Lab, North Carolina State University

_l m nichols
Dr. Charlotte Riggs ’08

Postdoctoral researcher in ecosystems ecology, University of Minnesota

_charlotte riggs
Alexandra Mumbauer ’08

Research Technician, Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, NYC

Kate LeTourneau ’08

Staff Research Assistant in Child Development, University of Michigan Health System

_kate letourneau
Dr. Elizabeth Perry ’07

Postdoctoral researcher, Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital

Dr. Marjorie Lundgren MA ’06

Postdoctoral researcher, Univ. of Sheffield, UK

Emily Egan ’06
John Logan Durland ’05
Julia Glanternik ’05
Dr. Lauren Graber ’04

Family Medicine resident, Boston University Medical Campus

_lauren-graber copy
Ryan Waples ’04

Evolutionary Bioinformatics research scientist and current doctoral student, University of Washington

_ryan waples
Bethany Caruso, MPH ’03

Supervisor and Research Coordinator, Center for Global Safe Water, Emory University (current doctoral candidate)

_bethany Caruso
Dr. Dan Sloan ’03

Assistant Professor, Biology Dept, Colorado State University

_dan sloan
Dr. Clara Funk ’03

Office of Atmospheric Programs, US Environmental Protection Agency

Dr. Juliana Mastronunzio

Microbiology/Proteomics Lab Supervisor, Fairfield University

Dr. Kevin Fingerman ’02

Assistant Prof. of Environmental Science, Humboldt State University

_k fingerman
Amos Hausman-Rogers ’01

Sustainability consultant and writer

_amos hausman-rogers
Dr. Alden Griffith ’01

Assistant Prof. of Environmental Studies, Wellesley College

_alden griffith
Christine Pureka ’01


_chris pureka
Justin Pidot ’99

Professor of Environmental Law, University of Denver Sturm College of Law

Dr. Sarah Elmendorf BA/MA ’99

Staff scientist, National Ecological Observatory Network

Alexandra Rose

Program Manager, Univ. of Colorado Museum of Natural History

_alexandra rose
Dr. Christine W. Miller ’98

Assistant Professor of Evolutionary Ecology, University of Florida

_christine miller copy
Dr. Daniela Bell BA/MA ’98

Blue Belt and teacher, Nia movement technique

_daniela bell
Andrew Frishman ’97

Internship coordinator, Big Picture Learning educational organization, Sacramento

_andrew frishman
Geoffrey Hand ’97

Environmental lawyer, Burlington, VT

_geoffrey hand
Dr. Kristen Mercer ’96

Assistant Professor, Evolutionary Ecology of Agricultural Systems, Ohio State Univ.

_kristen mercer
Dr. James Liao ’96

Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Florida

_j liao
Dr. Berry Brosi ’96

Ph.D. Stanford Univ.

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Environmental Sciences, Emory University

_berry brosi
Dr. Sarah Hann ’95

DVM Cornell

Veterinarian and writer, Bozeman, Montana

_sarah hann